Collection: Body & Massage Oils

Body & Massage Oils Made with Organic Ingredients

Our body oils is are a complete delight, loaded with organic oils and are 100% vegan. Composed of all natural ingredients that seal moisture after your shower or bath and also doubles as a massage oil. 

No preservatives, phthalates, GMOs, palm oil, parabens or sulfates.

Fragrance Descriptions:

Amalfi - Notes of pomegranate, sweet vanilla, jasmine and musk.

Ambition - Notes of Grapefruit, Lemon, Mint and white musk ideal fragrance for the modern man.

Amber Noir - Notes that are sweet and sensual with amber, musk, plum, citrus and jasmine. 

Autumn Embrace - Pure fall bliss! Delight in this autumn treat of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and spicy notes of pumpkin pie.

Classic Man - Notes of fresh lemon, verbena, iris, and violet leaf ideal fragrance for the man of discerning taste. 

Georgia Peach - Notes of a ripe and juicy peach freshly picked from the Georgia orchards.

Grounded - Notes of eucalyptus lilac sandalwood and amber.

Moonflower - Notes of juicy pear and agave merge with soft floral and marine notes. 

Naked - Notes of sweet fruits, soft florals and amber.

Red Sangria - Notes of classic Sangria filled with fresh pineapple, apple, orange, raspberry and citrus. 

Sugar Baby - Notes of cotton candy, bergamot, Sicilian orange, and fig leaves with mid notes of licorice blossom, lily of the valley and red fruits.

Timeless - Notes that include the spicy citrus scent of bergamot and aquatic ideal for the sophisticated man.

Unforgettable - A unique take on a lavender scent, marrying this timeless floral with more masculine notes.